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Healthy Shopping

There are so many misconceptions about what is considered healthy and what is not, and while some may shy away from canned and frozen food, it actually could be a good money-saving option.

Dietician Penny Wilson says if you're on a budget, frozen vegetables are usually cheaper than fresh. "The frozen vegetables are picked at the peaked of ripeness and frozen right then," she says.

Fresh broccoli was found for $2.18, $1 a bag frozen, for about the same size and you don't have to worry about them going bad.

When you're on a budget, Penny says try canned veggies. While fresh produce is always a great option, she says canned vegetables are a healthy substitute, just read your labels. Look for the ones that do have added salt.

Don't forget the beans! "A lot of people do not realize that beans can be a great source of protein and fiber," Penny said.

While canned beans are a great option, Penny says you can save even more money buying dried beans.

Make sure to buy your grains from the bulk food containers, like oats or brown rice. Penny says you will save a bundle.

For example, a pound of steel cut oats cost $1.29 versus $4.69 for a pound and a half of oats on the shelf.

And finally, pick super foods that are jam-packed with vitamins and very budget friendly. These include sweet potatoes, apples and kale.

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