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Hair Straighteners Tested

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For many of us straightening our hair is a never-ending battle. Salons are now offering professional straightening treatments, but they can be very expensive and for some of us, the idea of permanently straightening our hair is a little frightening.

Products Tested:
  • John Freida 3-day Straight Semi Permanent Styling Spray $9.99
    Our tester said the product was very easy to use -- you just spray in towel-dried hair and blow-dry. Her results were relatively good -- the product controlled most of the frizz and maintained the look through the next day. From the company: Using the power of keratin protein, 3-day straight seals in the straight style with the help of a flat iron. Giving women sleek, smooth, ultra straight hair now and three days after or until hair is washed.
  • Organix 14 Day Smoothing Treatment: $11.99
    Our tester had some challenges with this product. It's a little time consuming. You must wash your hair with shampoo, let it dry about 80 percent then add the treatment and let it sit for 30 minutes. Then you blow dry and straighten with a flat iron. Our tester's hair looked very oily. The instructions warned not to over-saturate and we most likely did that. From the company: There should be enough for two or three treatments in one bottle for someone with shoulder length hair. By the end of the first day that feeling will start to fade and will be hardly noticeable on day two, and then it is time to wash. Try to hang in there because the results are so worth it. If you wash prior to the 48 hours, the product may not work and/or not last the 14 days.
  • Garnier Fructis Blow Dry Perfector: $5.99 on sale
    This product was easy to use, though took a little more time than a regular blow-dry. After washing your hair with shampoo only you apply a 20 minute smooth-it serum. Then you rinse and towel dry and add the heat-activated perfect-it cream. The 20-minute serum does have a pungent, sulfur odor, but the instructions say it's normal. The smell goes away after rinsing and adding perfect-it cream. Our tester liked the results, which lasted through the next day. While instructions say it lasts up to seven shampoos, our tester did not get those results. Overall, our tester thought it was a good product for the price. The Deals team tried on multiple occasions to contact the company for response, but no one returned our calls.
When shopping for hair straighteners, keep in mind we all have very different hair textures so you want to choose one that fits your hair type.

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