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Grocery Store Wedding Cakes, Organizing Kids, Making Jam Jelly, Simple Car Fixes

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Many grocery stores are now offering wedding cakes at discount prices. Plus, get some tips for organizing you kids' stuff and learn a few simple car fixes that you can do yourself. And, making your own jam can save you money. Get a few recipes.
Segment 1
Grocery Store Wedding Cake
Grocery Store Wedding Cake
Grocery stores across the country are hiring professional decorators and getting into the custom made wedding cake business.
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Segment 2
Keeping Kids Organized
Keeping Kids Organized
Research shows that kids who grow up in organized homes are more likely to stay in school longer and earn more money as adults. Oftentimes the organization starts with parents.
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Segment 3
Making Jam and Jelly
Making Jam and Jelly
Making jams and jelly is a great way to utilize extra fruit -- especially if you have a garden or just got a great deal at the grocery store.
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Segment 4
Simple Car Fixes
Simple Car Fixes
Even the smallest car repair or maintenance project can quickly consume a lot of our cash. Universal Technical Institute's Robert Brown and Frank Glass say knowing a few simple car basics can save you big bucks.
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