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Grocery Store Wedding Cake

Grocery stores across the country are hiring professional decorators and getting into the custom made wedding cake business.

You want every detail of your wedding day to be perfect -- the dress, the decorations, the flowers, the cake. There is an awful lot to worry about.

"You think about a wedding, in the bride's mind, number one, the dress. And really number two is the cake. It's a huge focal point," said Tami Toreno, HEB Bakery manager.

"That was my stressful part, hoping the cake would be OK," said bride Annette Buck.

Bride Annette Buck did something more and more women are doing these days -- she ordered her wedding and groom cakes from, believe it or not, the grocery store.

"Everything just fell into place. Everything ran real smooth," said Annette.

Yep, you heard right. Grocery stores across the country are hiring professional decorators and getting into the custom made wedding cake business.

"We want to make your special day a huge success and we have everything at your finger tips to make that happen," said Tami, "Our decorators really are artists. They really are. They have been doing this for, well, they'd kill me if I told you, decades. Our cake decorators have been doing this for some of them decades. They are artists and I believe and you can see their work - provide you with something you would pay thousands of dollars for in certain settings, certain markets."

Mind you, we're not talking about just any plain old wedding cake. These are lavish, multi-tiered, custom beauties created by highly experience decorators who will make just about anything your heart desires.

"It's part of being creative; you can use your own imagination to create a cake. It's a good satisfaction for us - when the cakes are decorated by us," said HEB Cake decorator Sara Longoria, "I love it. I love it. it's fun."

"You do fresh flowers on the cake. We do beautiful rose work and we can make flowers, but that's another option is putting fresh flowers on your cake," said Tami, "We do groom's cakes, some people want fruit on their cake. There are a lot of options."

Just like going any bakery, the grocery cake pros work hand in hand with their brides to come up with a truly personalized design that best fits the couple to be.

"Usually they come in, they have a one on one consultation with the decorator. We have a book they can look at and a price list," said Tami, "If they have something specific In mind, they can bring ideas, pictures. We have a lot of custom stuff 50 we can take an idea and just go with it, and work with the customer."

"I called in, they said it would take 2-3 days, I placed the order, I came in and looked at the cakes, told them what I was looking for, the colors in the cake," said Annette.

"Right here we have our white cake with raspberry filling. We have white cake with chocolate butter cream icing, and we have white cake with Bavarian cream filing," said Sara.

"Some of the customers will bring us a picture and we will customize it," said Annette, "The groom's cake, I wanted to do boating because my husband boats so I brought in a picture. The wedding cake -- I wanted to do 2 tiers, and then we decided to do 3 tier so we could put the decoration on the top. It was awesome. MY wedding cake was a white cake with white icing. They put my colors for the wedding were sage green, so they put the sage green flowers in there - to bring it all together. They were awesome cakes -they were beautiful. Once we got out there and cut the cakes open, and the taste of the cake was phenomenal. Everybody thought it was great. great cake. Great cake. They couldn't believe we got it at HEB, they thought we purchased it from a local bakery. The icing, the cake was moist, it was just perfect."

And, talk about savings.

"I've heard the average price of a wedding cake is right at that 500 or more range and it can get up into the thousands people spend on wedding cakes," said Tami. "We have several cakes in our book that start out at $188."

Annette ended up spending about $300 total for both her wedding cake and groom's cake. Something like that could go for $1,000 and up at a cake boutique or specialty shop.

"I called around to a few places and it was considerably cheaper," said Annette.

Annette says having perfect cakes was truly the icing on the cake for her big day.

"I married my best friend. We've been together a few years. To walk down the aisle, and know my best friend was at the end of the aisle. I couldn't wait to be his wife and for us to be the rest of our lives together," said Annett.

"When you find out this was somebody's wedding it's especially heartwarming to find out it was a huge success in part because of the wedding cake we provided," said Tami.

"It's a good feeling when we get a customer picking up their cakes and they will call your name and say this is good. It's the best feeling that we get," said Sara.

Grocery stores that offer wedding cakes:






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