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Shopping Mistakes at the Grocery Store

Some of the smallest grocery shopping blunders could be costing you the most money. With just a few minor adjustments you could trim your grocery bill by half or better.

Top Grocery Blunder:

  • Bringing a recipe in the store - Suddenly you decide you want to make lasagna, but all those ingredients are not on sale this week. That's due to "Categorical Sales Trends".. By contrast, take inventory of what you already have, and what's on sale that week, and choose your menu or recipe based on the deals!

  • Falling for the numbers - 3/$5 has a nice ring to it, and for some reason is very appealing. The subliminal message says, "this is such a deal", but read the fine print and make sure it really is. Sometimes you're only saving pennies.

  • Buying too much of one thing - When the sale says 3/$5 or 10/$10. In most cases, you don't have to buy 3 or 10 to get the deal.

  • Missing out on Instant Savings - There's often great "mix and match" sales events. Often times, you may already be buying 7 items, that if you bought the other 3 to make it 10, may give you an additional $3-$5 in instant savings. That could make those additional items free!

  • Missing UN-advertised sales - There's no possible way for the supermarket to put all the sales into the sales circular. 62% of the deals at nationwide are UN-advertised.

  • Buying the biggest package - Bigger isn't always the cheapest.- Check the per unit price on the shelf if they have one. And if you are using a coupon, re-check the math, as it may change in favor of a different size.

  • Store brands look like name brands - Many store brands have the same coloring as their name brand counterpart. The only time this is a problem is when you have a coupon for a name brand that's on sale, and you grab the wrong one.

  • Using a coupon the same week it came out in the paper - Just because you got a coupon this week, doesn't mean that same thing is on sale this week. Of about 5/25 coupons Teri uses each week, usually less than 5 of them are from the current week's paper. Most coupons we use are for weeks or months past.

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