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Do you have gift cards that you haven't used? You might consider selling them for cash.

There are several websites that will turn those unwanted gift cards into cash. But it pays to shop around because some sites may give you more cash up front than others.

"I like getting gift cards because they are easy," said shopper Beverly Sanders.

"You can't really go wrong with a gift cards," said Daniel Dixon-Young.

But what happens when you get a gift card you don't like or need?

"The times we living in, people need the cash just to live to survive," said Terry Cortez.

"It's a good idea, i would do it," said Akilah Mance.

"Sometimes you do get a gift card from someone and it might be from a store that they particularly like," said Daniel Dixon-Young.

There are several websites, like, and that will offer you cash for your unused gift cards. This is how the sites work. You get a quote on the value of your gift card and if you agree to sell it, you mail it in and when the site gets your card, you get a check mailed to you. It's usually 85% to 92% of the value of your card back in cash. and also have a partnership with Amazon that gives you an extra 5-percent on the value of the card if you swap it for an gift card.

We wanted to see how much cash back we would get on a $25 Starbucks gift card. At gift our cash card value is only worth $18.75, that's $7 less that the card's value. At, we get $20.50 and finally, the best deal is at where we were offered $21.

"I'm sure people can find some uses for cash in hand."

For an even quicker search try It's a comparison site for selling your unwanted gift cards. Here you can compare the value of your card with several gift card buying websites.

You can also save money by buying gift cards at these sites, too. You can often find a discount of up to 35 percent off the value of the card.

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