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Garage Sales 101

Garage Sales 101

Your junk can be another person's treasure and the bonus -- it could mean a lot of cash in your pocket. We are talking about garage sales, and if you don't know how to get started, we can help.

Ben Weissenstein started 'Grand Slam Garage Sales' when he was just 14 years old.

"My mom had a garage sale in 2004 and I helped out," says Ben. "I've always been an entrepreneur and she said you know you could really make money doing this and help a lot of people."

Now 21, Ben runs garage sales for other people and definitely knows what works.

First step in having your garage sale is to organize. You might even want to start a few weeks ahead of time and pile up "garage sale" items in one room.

While there may be the obvious "hot ticket" items, like electronics or tools, Ben says - You never know what someone will buy& so put it all out there!

"Things that you think will sell don't sometimes. Things that you think won't sell do. I mean sometimes you can sell a leaf off a tree you never know who is coming to the sell -- it might be someone who is looking for leaves!"

Ben says don't waste your time or money putting stickers on every item you own.

"Don't put prices on anything because if you do you are stuck to that price. So if there's a five dollar sticker on an item, it's five dollars. But if you don't have a sticker you can say eight dollars and work your way in between maybe get six or seven dollars. Point is you'll definitely make more money by not putting stickers on anything," says Ben.

You've got the stuff, now time to get the word out! Put up signs in the neighborhood and reach out online. Ben recommends websites like and The websites are free to use and have become a big resource for people who go to garage sales.

Now the big sale day! Ben recommends putting like items with like items. For example, glassware with glassware, clothes with clothes. Put your "best" items -- like furniture, clothing and electronics -- up front for people to see.

Ben recommends bunching items together.

"So what we will do is we will be like that is 5 dollars, I'll throw that in for another two dollars and give you that for a dollar and that kind of thing," says Ben. "You are throwing in a few extra items and cutting off a few dollars here and there. That's one of the biggest tricks putting items together."

If you are planning a garage sale, you can sell just about anything!

"You get to get rid of all your items. It's huge. No one wants to have all that extra stuff around their house. At the same time you are going to make some money," says Ben. "And you meet a lot of cool people. There are a lot of fun people that come to the sells -- interesting people. Fun people."

Ben has now taken his business, Grand Slam Garage Sales, to a whole new level. He's selling kits so people anywhere can start their own garage sale business. For more information visit

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