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There is a growing community of people who do what's called 'freecycling' -- which is where people give and sometimes get things for free.

"I don't have time to do a lot. But I can give my things away to be repurposed or reused. I think that's really important," said Melanie Saxton.

Melanie Saxton has a passion for helping others.

"I don't have a lot of time to volunteer but I can do this. I can give my things to others," said Melanie, "I took a look at what is laying around the house collecting dust. Do I really need this? So I asked my daughter do you want your model horses? She's like, 'You know mom, and I've outgrown that phase.' They are valuable; I know that some family would just love them. I went ahead and posted them. We heard back in four days. We made arrangements to meet at a neutral location. So that we could make a transfer. She could take the horses, I could give them to her. Done deal."

Paige Holsapple came across the horse collection on the website,

"It was an amazing thing to be able to go on Freecycle and find something that I could actually use or wanted for free," said Paige, "I emailed her and we decided where we were going to meet. We set up a time and a place. I love the history of them being something that somebody else loved. That they cared for and they played with. They have a story, they have a history, they have a purpose and I don't want to see them in a landfill either."

There are a lot of Freecycle websites out there to help connect people. Charles Mazzini created a nationwide database - called 'Recycle the World.'

"It's very easy to use. If you are going to look for items, you are just going to search by your city and state," said Charles, "I just kept on with the idea and developed a website for it that way people can donate those things to other individuals. There are a lot of good resources there for people to exchange items like that instead of just throwing it away."

This is also a side hobby for Charles who often posts items to give.

"I have about 80 feet of garden border that I've never used. Still in the container, never opened. I didn't want to throw that away." said Charles.

In a few simple steps, Charles posted the garden border and a brand new toy.

"I was supposed to go to a children's birthday party probably two years ago but it got canceled and never ended up going," said Charles, "These people live very far away, I still have it. I decided well, I'm going to give it away on the website."

He recommends when trading an item with someone, be safe.

"We encourage people as they post items and give them away to go to a public location to give them away. Instead of having them come to their house," said Charles.

From baby clothes, to electronics, all kinds of items are being given away for free every single day.

"This is an excellent deal for people. Number one they can find specifically what they need and it's free," said Melanie.

"In this economy the way things are today, it's nice to find things that people don't want and don't mind sharing with other people. It's a really nice thing," said Paige.

For more information:

You can also go to Facebook, and search "Freecycle" and your city. We found dozens of groups that way.


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