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Finding a Home Show's Feminine Side

Listen up, ladies. Home shows aren't just for guys. Here's what you'll find at a home show that might strike your fancy, including the latest in lifestyle, health, wellness and beauty items.

Women come to home shows for variety of reasons.

"I come to the home show for remodeling, I want to remodel my outside. I actually do want a jacuzzi," said Chloe Suarez.

Others come just to browse.

"I come to the home shows just to see what they have here, just to explore," said Amanda May.

Traveling home shows have a little something for everyone.

"You'll find windows, doors, outdoor furniture, food, entertainment, health, beauty, items for the kids. Just honestly anything you could think of in and around your home, and it's all under one roof at any of the home and garden shows," said general manager Kathy Hopper.

But if you haven't been to a show in a while, Kathy says things have changed.

"My initial thought is, 'It's construction, and it's probably not gonna be a show for me,' and that couldn't be further from the truth," she said.

This year, the Texas Home and Garden show introduced a new lifestyle section.

"There's a big movement, health and wellness is a big move right now, and we're constantly getting some of our attendees that ask for those items," Kathy said.

You can get a neck massage using an instant pain reliever or even a henna tattoo.

"Henna is a plant, a dye we crush the leaves and make a paste out of it  I make my own paste and put eucalyptus oil everything is pure and fresh and that causes the staining on the skin," said Soniya Ekici, owner of the Original Henna Company.

It's not just limited to the hands and feet. Soniya says many are getting them on their baby bumps and heads. She also does henna cookies, tattooed gourds and oil painting.

New features at the home show to hopefully attracts more people.

"When you add lifestyle it makes a bigger variety and makes a bigger opportunity and better things that you can come find," says Amanda.

Both men and women!

"So it's not just a guy's show, anymore because as you mentioned, it's not a construction show. It's literally anything in and around your home," says Kathy.
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