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Find the Best Workout Gadget For You

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There are a lot of workout gadgets on the market right now, but which one is worth your money? Sports and travel writer Jayme Lamm tried out three of the hottest gadgets and shared her reviews. If you're considering a fitbit or another workout gadget for Father's Day, here's what you need to know.

Fitbit Flex - $99

Fitbit Flex is a bracelet type device that comes in different colors for the stylish guys and gals out there. You wear it around your wrist, and it tracks information on your fitness routines. You can access that information and utilize it through online tools and a mobile app. Use the fitbit to track your workout progress, meet your goals and set new ones.

The Fitbit has a unique food diary features, but you have to put that information in manually. If you do have that time and tracking food intake is important to you, this is a great device.

Jayme's favorite component is the sleep tracker, which tracks how long you sleep and when you were restless or awake.

Nike Fuelband SE - $149

This wearable gadget allows you to set daily goals and compete with Facebook friends, which might just give you some extra motivation. It's also very versatile no matter your activity - whether playing hoops, running a marathon, going to a kickboxing class or snowboarding. The colors on the fuel band change throughout the day to let you know how close you are to meeting your goal.

The FuelBand SE tracks basic data, like calories burned and steps taken, but it does so in its own unique system of points called NikeFuel. The algorithm they've come up with combines calories, steps and activity to obtain your Fuel count.

Jayme's biggest complaint with this device is the need to keep updating it to make sure you have the latest version of the software. It also gave her "fuel points" for activities like driving a car and eating a cheeseburger, which obviously weren't very fitness oriented.

Mio Alpha - $199

Jayme says this gadget, watch and heart rate monitor is a little confusing, because there are only two buttons, but it also has so many functions. Once you figure it out, it does so much without all the bulky velcro straps and chest monitors that other heart rate monitors have.

Put the Mio on your wrist and hold still for a moment as it finds your heart rate. Then you can start exercising and keep track of your target heart rate. You can set alarms for a certain length of time or a heart rate goal as well. The device has bluetooth capabilities, so the information can be transferred to a mobile device as well. It also shows you how much battery life you have left.

You can read Jayme's full review of the Mio here.

If you like the idea of these training gadgets, but not the prices, Jayme says you can get the same kind of motivation through free apps for your phone or tablet.

Jayme's favorite app is Nike Training Club. This free app gives you access to tons of workouts, allowing you to pinpoint the part of your body you want to work on with its 15-minute "Get Focused" workouts." Most of them don't even require weights, so as long as you have a few square feet of free space, you're good to go.

Jayme wrote a full review of this app for Houston's Culture Map, which you can read here.

For more from Jayme, visit or find her on Twitter @jaymelamm or facebook.

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