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Easy DIY Home Decorating with Fabric

Want to add a pop of color or interest to your home? Here are six easy DIY projects that use fabric to makeover your home decor.

It's easy to freshen up the look of your home with a pretty piece of fabric.

"Go out and buy a yard or two of fabric, spend a few dollars and you've totally changed the look," says designer and real estate agent Oleta Forse.

Oleta showed us six innovative ways to jazz up your home with inexpensive fabric.

Fabric-topped Table

Oleta picked up some fabric for $5 and a table for $25 from a resale shop. She cut the fabric to fit the table and used fabric Mod Podge to adhere it.

"Don't worry about trimming and getting all the loose ends out, because the mod podge hides a multitude of sins, covers many things," she says.

To do it yourself, on the wrong side of the fabric, use a pen or marker to outline the edges of your table and cut around it. Then cover the top of the table with fabric glue and place the fabric on top of the table, starting from one edge and smoothing it as you go. Then cover with fabric mod podge with a foam brush. The Mod Podge will start out looking white, but dry clear with a resiliant suface on it.

Reupholstering Chairs with New Fabric

Fabric is also great to spruce up chairs, just make sure it's the type that has a seat you can remove.

"I simply popped out the cushion and cut the fabric around the perimeter of the chair seat itself. There is no need to even staple, you can pop it right in and call it a day," she says.

Picture Frame Dry-Erase Board with Custom Fabric

Consider using fabric to create a unique pin-up board. Cut a piece of fabric the size of an empty picture frame.

"Instead of putting a photograph in it, I simply cut out a piece of burlap, assembled it back together. You can use print fabric, anything that appeals to the eye. Put the glass back over it, assemble it back together and begin leaving your notes," she says.

Oleta uses a dry erase marker to write a To Do list on the front of the frame.

Fabric-wrapped Canvas Photo Frame

Another great way to use fabric is to wrap it over a canvas and use it as a decorative base for a photo frame.

"The great thing is you don't even need to use staples, you can just tuck the back of it in the canvas itself," says Oleta.

Turn it over, get some e6000 glue and glue a photo frame with a picture already inside to the fabric-wrapped canvas.

Napkin Display

Simply bundling unused napkins inside of a pedestal vase can add a welcome pop of color in your kitchen.

Reuse Beautiful Scarves as Home Decor

One of Oleta's favorite ways to use scarves and wraps when she's not wearing them is to decorate a table. Just put it on the dining room table as a runner.

"Fabric is something we can use in any room of the house. We can use it in a thousand different ways, being creative, paying attention to what you see around you," Oleta says.

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