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Dry Shampoo Tested

Dry Shampoo Tested

The market is flooded with dozens of new dry shampoo products. Some are pricey, costing as much as 40 bucks a pop, while others are as little as $3. So we put several to the test! Plus, get a recipe for homemade dry shampoo.

If there is a new dry shampoo on the market, chances are Rachel Gower and her team of stylists at The Upper Hand Salon have tried it.

"We have really tested a lot just to make sure we know the best one to recommend to people," Gower said.

But before choosing a dry shampoo, Gower says it's important to note there are two types of dry shampoos on the market.

"One kind is that is great for absorbing oil and really getting rid of any kind of odor," she said.

This is the type of dry shampoo you would use post workout to freshen up. Another type of dry shampoo is made for styling in between shampoos.

"So you get some of those same benefits, but you get lots of texture and volume," Gower said.

One of Gower's favorite dry shampoos for styling is a product from Oribe called Dry Texturizing Spray.

"This product gives you that fresh scent so you feel like you are nice and refreshed but it gives you a lot more texture and volume than other products," Gower said.

A can of dry shampoo is $40, so Gower found a bargain with a product called Rocking It by Got2Be. It's $7 at the drug store.

"You will get similar results and lots of texture and that refreshing dry shampoo feel," Gower said.

For those who need a dry shampoo post workout that's great for absorbing odor and oil try, the Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo.

"You are going to get all those benefits, but you also get a little bit of volume so it's a great product; it goes on clear and has a fabulous lemon scent," Gower said.

It's $25 a can but for just $3.50, Gower says Suave's new dry shampoo delivered similar results.

"It's got a great fruity smell and you are going to get the same results as the Oscar Blandi," she said.

If you really want to stretch your dollar, try a do-it-yourself dry shampoo recipe. Here's the recipe:
6-10 drops essential oil, lavender or lemon
2 Tbsp corn starch
2 Tbsp rice flour
2 Tbsp arrowroot powder

Simply mix together, stirring rigorously for about 3-4 minutes. Pour into a salt shaker. Then, shake directly onto roots, or place in hands and rub into the root area. Brush to blend, distributing it evenly before styling as usual. **Add in 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder for dark hair

When it comes to applying dry shampoo, Gower never applies on top of the head; instead apply at the root under your hair.

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