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Dress Slim

How many times have you bought something that didn't fit right -- maybe because it was on sale -- and then never wore it? Talk about wasting money! Gretchen Blackshire, from Dress Barn, says if you learn how to 'dress slim' it can help you chose clothing that looks good on you the first time around.

"It makes them save money because they are going to wear it more," said Gretchen.

Gretchen says wearing the right fit can make a huge difference!

Outfit 1: Boxy Look
The dress makes her look boxy and the belt doesn't define her waitline. The silhouette is perfect for Kelly because it gives her a waist. The asymmetrical top draws your eyes up to her face, and her jewelry. And, the knit fabric brings out her fabulous curves. This entire outfit, shoes and all is $68!

Outfit 2: Hiding Belly Area
Our model Joyce wants to hide her belly. She should not wear something that gathers in the middle -- it will draw attention to her belly. Look for a longer pant and a bootcut style with a top that brings the attention toward your face. From head to toe, this complete outfit is $112.

Outfit 3: Hiding Hips
Laura is looking for an outfit that would hide her hips. A black straight skirt with a jacket that hits right at the hip area. She paried that with a draped top, so you are not looking at the hip area, you are looking at the top. The blouse is a little longer, so it comes lower than the area she is trying to hide. You can buy this outfit for $89.

Gretchen also says if you are trying to "dress slim" avoid certain accessories and turtlenecks.

"I think turtle necks are a no, no because it makes your face look rounder. Where if you have on a vneck or a draped neck. You are showing more of your neck and it's not cutting you off here. It doesn't have this round effect. The problem areas that you are trying to hide, you don't want to have big embellishments on it because it draws attention to that area. If you are trying to hide that belly you don't want to put a big belt with stones on it, you don't want to have anything in that area," said Gretchen.

And, dress length can also make a huge difference in your overall look.

"A more petite lady would want to wear a dress hem that's a little above the knee. But when you are taller you can wear it below the knee. And tall ladies can wear any length that is below the knee," said Gretchen.

Other tips:

  • Baggy, shapeless clothes won't make you look slimmer. Body-conscious clothes that accentuate curves, without being clingy or tight, are most flattering.
  • Opt for empire waists or A-line styles to create a smooth, lengthened look. Be cautious of pleats as they tend to add bulk to the mid-section.
  • Select prints carefully. It's the space between prints that makes them unflattering so pick prints with overlapping designs.
  • Don't fear the dark side. Opt for darker colors (navy, black, charcoal gray) as your wardrobe base and bring it to life with colorful accessories.
  • Wear proper undergarments including all-in-one shapers and control top pantyhose.
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