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Double Duty Household Items

Double Duty Household Items

Get more uses for common household items like rubberbands, floss or a comb.

Professional organizer Julie Hibbs is going to show you how to get more uses for items you probably have sitting in your junk drawer. Here she demonstrates multiple uses for everyday items like clear nail polish, empty lip balm containers, floss or clothespins.

Clear nail polish:

  • Do you keep your shaving cream in the shower? To prevent rust buildup that could stain your tile, put polish along the bottom of shaving gel cans. Use a thick single or double coat.
  • Prevent matches from being ruined by getting wet by waterproofing then with clear nail polish. Dip the tip of each match into your bottle of clear nail polish. Let them dry and put them back into your box.

Rubber bands:

  • When someone has a cold, wadded up tissues around the house may not feel very sanitary. Use a rubber band to hold two tissue containers together, one full of tissues and one empty for easy disposal.


  • Use floss to cut soft foods, like soft cheeses or cheesecake. When you use a knife, food builds up on the knife. Use unwaxed, unflavored dental floss to cut smooth lines without a mess.

Lip balm container:

  • Wipe out an empty lip balm container, and use it for a secret money storage container. Just roll up money and slip it into the empty balm container.

Comb or Clothespin:

  • Use the comb or a clothespin to hold a nail in place as you hammer it into the wall. Smaller nails will work best with the comb.

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