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Don't Toss It

Don't Toss It

Yes, even junk mail can be put to good use. From used envelopes to old toilet paper rolls and even dryer lint, we are going to show you a few ways to reuse and save.

Coupon Contessa Nora Kapche is always looking for ways to save money.

"A great way to save money and if you are looking to save more is to go ahead and take a look at what you have and what you are throwing away and see if you can reuse that item," she said.


1. Junk Mail Envelopes: We all get a ton of envelopes in the mail that normally just get tossed in the garbage. Make good use of them by writing a grocery list on the outside and put your coupons in the envelopes.

2. Organize Pantry: You can organize your pantry, for free, starting with old business cards. For easy finding, reuse plastic produce containers that berries come in to store tea bags and other drink mixes. Nora also has a way to keep those plastic grocery bags in order. Tissue boxes.

"I used to throw those away all the time," Nora said. "Now I take those and put my cleaned plastic bags in them to store. I don't have this huge pile of plastic bags. They are all in my Kleenex box and when I need one, I can take it out."

3. Butter Wrappers: A trick from Nora's grandma, save the wrapper from your butter and stick it in the freezer or refrigerator. Then, when it's time to do some baking, take it out and use it to grease your baking pan.

4. Lime Bags: Sometimes limes come in a mesh bag. Take the bag, bundle it up and use that as your kitchen scrubber. Because of the texture of the bag, it works just as well as a store-bought item.

5. Bag Clips: You get them on bread, on produce on any kind of thing and they really come in handy when it comes to trying to get labels off of jars.

6. Lime Peels: Don't throw out those lime peels. Frozen lime peels are an excellent way to add some zest to your recipes for as long as you like.

7. Bottle Caps: Thoroughly clean cleaning supply bottle caps and they make excellent dry pet food dispensers, or use for rice, sugar or flour.

8. Toilet Paper Rolls/Dryer Lint: Camping enthusiasts might want to start saving toilet paper rolls and dryer lint. Take the leftover dryer lint and stuff it in an empty toilet paper roll, tape it up and put it in a Ziploc bag. This makes a quick and inexpensive fire starter that will light up your campfire or fireplace in no time at all.

9. Used Pantyhose: Instead of throwing used pantyhose away, make a bath sachet out of them. Add oatmeal and herbs such as lavender and some grated soap to use that as a buffer. Tie it off to make sure the items don't come out. Wet it up and just use it on your skin.

Another place you can use the panty hose is for a scented sachet you can put in your drawers or in your closet to give your clothes a fresh smell. Instead of buying those products we can go ahead and reuse it.

Nora's sachet recipe:

  • Cut your panty hose around the ankle area
  • Stuff it with Oatmeal, Lavender, rosemary, mint or lemongrass. You can include wood chips to enhance the flavor. You can also include a dried citrus peel to help hold the scene longer.
  • Tie the panty hose off at the top.

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