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Decorating with Tape, DIY Cosmetics, Glass Containers, Blossom Sisters

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You can decorate just about anything with tape! Get a few DIY tips for creating custom furniture and accessories. Plus, learn how to fix broken makeup and create your own cosmetics. And, check out a few recipes for DIY bath products from two children.
Segment 1
Decorating with Duct Tape and Stickers
Decorating with Duct Tape and Stickers
Are you looking for some cheap home decorating ideas? Grab some tape! You can create custom furniture and accessories with these DIY tips.
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Segment 2
Fixing Broken Makeup and Homemade Cosmetics
Fixing Broken Makeup and Homemade Cosmetics
What do you do when your makeup breaks? Don't go out and buy new cosmetics! Get a few tips for fixing your broken makeup and DIY recipes for homemade beauty products.
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Segment 3
DIY Decorative Glass Containers
DIY Decorative Glass Containers
Are you looking for a colorful accessory for your home? Kat Cosley's vintage glass containers are the perfect solution.
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Segment 4
Sisters Sell Homemade Bath Products
Sisters Sell Homemade Bath Products
Abby Plunkett, 10, and Izzy Plunkett, 7, started a business selling their homemade bath products. The sisters share their secret DIY recipes.
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