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Decorating Blank Walls

You don't have to use expensive art or spend a lot of money on frames to decorate those boring, blank walls. And, you are not alone if you have no idea where to start.

"One of the biggest decorating dilemmas for people today are these large blank walls that seem to be all over your house" says interior designer, Lauren Haskett. "I think people have a bit of a hard time with blank walls because they are a little overwhelming and there are so many options to what you can do with them."

Lauren Haskett is one of five designer gurus who make up The ladies offer up free design inspiration and advice on their website.

"As working interior designers, we work with clients every day and we wish that we could help everyone. So, our blog can be a great resource for consumers to gather ideas for their own projects" Haskett says.

Lauren says there are a few simple ways to tackle a blank wall.

"One example is what I like to call a gallery wall. The beauty of a gallery wall is there are no rules. You can use things you have around your home. If you want to simplify things you can use all one color, you can get creative."

And, believe it or not, Lauren says gallery walls look best when they are put together with items from you already own.

"You'd be surprised what you can find in your home for a gallery wall. I don't believe everything has to be matchy matchy when it comes to your frame. The best look is for it to look collected, so you didn't put all of this together at one time."

First, lay everything out on the floor.

"One of the things to keep in mind is your layout might not be right the first thing. A great tip is to take a picture with your camera and look at it. and look at your different layouts and you can see what would be the best. I'm just going to make a little tweak," says Laurent.

"I'm going to make an adjustment to my arrangement now that I've seen it on my phone. I'm going to move this larger photo to the top so it balances that side a little bit since this is going around a television. It's always tricky because you've got a really odd configuration around the television and doing an odd shape of frames is really the perfect way to offset it."

Lauren suggests using a travel photo to jazz up a blank wall.

"Everyone has one, go through your photos, and pick out your favorite. I was especially drawn to this one because I love the color and it wasn't too matchy in the space. I measured the photo to make it fit the wall. This is a great money saving idea because you already have the piece. To blow it up is as little as $20, whereas a piece of art this large for this wall could be thousands of dollars. This wall was the perfect spot for my clients travel art. As you'll notice I went basically as large as I could. I centered the picture on the space leaving a little room to the left and right."

When it comes to the print, how big should you go? Lauren says if you are in doubt on the size of art to specify, always air on the side of too large, than too small.

Another tip for blank walls? Use wedding pictures.

"You always see photographers taking pictures of the flowers and tablescapes and you think to yourself 'who buys that?' Well, you can. This is actually a bouquet arrangement from my sister's wedding and I really loved the color. I purchased this 8x10 and got this really inexpensive frame that came with a matte. And there, I have instant art!" says Haskett.

Lauren recommends going to garage sales or second hand stores to check out old art. Oftentimes you can just use the fancy frame and replace the art with your own picture. As Lauren points out, "There are definitely inexpensive ways to deal with your blank walls."

Lauren Haskett
Material Girls Team

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