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Decorate with Old License Plates, Mustard Uses, DIY Clothing, Cleaning Up Kids Messes

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Check out a few ways to decorate with old license plates and learn new uses for mustard. Plus, get tips for cleaning kids messes and find out to repurpose old t-shirts and jeans for the warm weather months.
Segment 1
Decorate with Old License Plates
Decorate with Old License Plates
Artist Kiki Neumann demonstrates ways to reuse old license plates, from creative home decor ideas to making a garden tote.
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Segment 2
New Uses for Mustard
New Uses for Mustard
Mustard is a powerful condiment that can do a lot more than make a great sandwich. It can help with heartburn, soothe tired feet and even relieve the sting of a fire ant bite.
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Segment 3
Repurpose Old Clothing
Repurpose Old Clothing
DIY guru Tamika Fletcher demonstrates how to repurpose old t-shirts and jeans for the warm weather months.
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Segment 4
How To Clean Up Kids Messes
How To Clean Up Kids Messes
No matter how cute and adorable kids are, they are bound to make messes. Creative messes call for creative cleanup. Macaroni Kids' parenting magazine publishers Lindsay Flagan and Sanjala Ercum demonstrate how things like peanut butter and toothpaste can make cleaning easy.
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