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After 13 years of marriage, Courtney Fowler and her husband Josh made the decision to expand their family. But the addition to their family has put a strain on their finances. To save money, the couple makes their own cleaning and baby wipes.

"We've had two children of our own. Here recently God really laid it on my heart that we were not done with our family, that we had some more children out there," said Fowler, "I've always thought I was money conscience but I didn't realize how much I wasn't until we decided to adopt."

The Fowlers are still saving money to bring two children from China home.

"We have two little boys. They are both special needs. We are so very excited," said Courtney, "When we decided to adopt it became very apparent. Sometimes it can cost $35,000 to 40,000 to adopt a child, especially from overseas. I started saving money from as many places as I possibly could. Realized all those pennies, they add up to a lot."

Courtney started saving by making her own cleaning supplies.

"I'm a convenience kind of gal. I love my bleach wipes. I love anything easy like that. My number one thing was to research and find out how to keep my convenience lifestyle, but do it on a dime."

From baby wipes to glass and surface wipes and sanitization wipes, each batch costs about 75 cents to make.

Here are the recipes:
Glass Cleaner Wipes
Baby Wipes
Bleach Wipes
Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer Wipes

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