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DIY Smoothies

The buzz word across the nation is green - everybody wants to be green and we're not just talking about being friendly to the environment!

Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram, founder of Rawfully Organic Co-op and instructor at Sur La Table, says green smoothies and juices are not only great for you, but can save you money!

"Think about how much you'll save on medical bills when you feel good and stop going to the doctor all the time," Kristina said.

When it comes to deciding between smoothies or juice, Kristina actually recommends the smoothie saying you'll get way more bang for your buck.

"It's an easier way to drink more and not feel as full, smoothies however keep all the fiber intact which means you're drinking the whole food," she said. "If you're looking to save money, I also recommend smoothies because you can actually go through quite a bit of produce when you're juicing, but when you're using smoothies you use less produce."

When making smoothies at home Kristina says you may want to avoid adding water.

"Drinking a lot of water with your smoothies or meals dilutes the digestive juices and it actually prohibits you from digesting your food as well which means you may feel more bloated after you eat a meal or that you're food will not digest as well," she said.

Replacing one meal or snack with one of these can not only save you money, but may help you shed some unwanted pounds.

"Not only will this jam pack your day with vitamins and minerals, but also think about it will feel like you are eating a lot, but will be less calories," she said.

Banana Celery Smoothie
Green Smoothie
Lemon-Ginger Blast

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