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DIY Plumbing

Stop flushing all your money down the drain! From a jammed garbage disposal, to a leaky toilet, we discovered some quick fixes you can do yourself.

Problem: Low Water Pressure

Sean Guliani with Wedgeworth Plumbing says this could be the easiest repair in your home. Unscrew the aerator on your faucet and remove the calcium or rust buildup. Sean says calling a plumber for this repair would run you $29-$89, but we did ourselves for just 4 bucks!

Problem: Jammed Garbage Disposal

Grab a broom stick. Sean says safety first - don't forget to unplug the power from the disposal, then remove the rubber splash guard. Put the broom stick in the drain and push it against the impeller and turn the chamber. Then, dislodge the item from the blades. Once it's unstuck, just reach in and grab the item and you're good to go. A service call on this repair costs between $75 and $190.

Problem: Leaky Toilet

To diagnose this -- you'll need red food coloring. Open up the lid to the back of the tank and you flush the toilet. Once the flapper closes, put a few drops of coloring in the tank and wait 15 minutes. If there's red in the bowl area, you know it's leaking past. The culprit could be your flapper so replace it. First, shut off the water to the toilet. Remove the old flapper by disconnecting the rubber sides, and chain. The new flapper installs the opposite way. It's important to make sure you adjust the chain accordingly. Turn the water back on and test with they dye.

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