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DIY No-Sew Throw Pillows

Want to update your decor on a budget? Here's three no-sew throw pillows you can DIY on the cheap.

Buying tons of new pillows can get expensive. Here's a way to change your decor with the seasons by updating your throw pillows for practically nothing. Try these three easy DIY no-sew projects to make new throw pillows for your home.

These projects start with plain white pillows. Don't have any or can't find any at the store? Adeina Anderson of Crafting with Adeina shows us how to make our own.

She purchased one yard of plain white fabric from a craft store, enough to make two pillows.

Basic No-Sew Pillow
  • 1 yard of 54" wide fabric (enough to make two pillows)
  • hot glue gun with glue sticks OR fabric glue
  • polyfill stuffing

Take your yard of fabric and cut four rectangles, each 27" by 18". If your fabric was folded, you may be able to cut along the fold lines to make these rectangles easily. Then, take one corner of each rectangle and fold it diagonally to make a square. Cut off the remaining strip to make a square piece of fabric. Your squares should be about 18" by 18" to make a standard size throw pillow. If you are making a cover for a larger pillow, cut the fabric one inch larger than the size of the pilllow.

Because this no-sew project uses hot glue, Adeina advises putting a bandaid on your finger to keep from getting burned. If you want to be able to wash the pillow covers, use fabric glue, rather than hot glue.

If you want a hidden hem or closed seam pillow, you will want to turn the pillow inside out before decorating. If your fabric has a "right side," make sure you put the right sides together before gluing the pillow closed. If you used a no-fray fabric like felt or fleece, you can also cut a scalloped edge instead of turning the fabric inside out.

Put one square on top of another. Put a strip of hot glue about a half and inch down from edges of the fabric, between the two pieces, all along one edge. Repeat on two other sides. On the fourth side, only glue half way across.

Adeina shows us three different ways to decorate our new pillow - with a button tree, with ribbons and with cookie cutters.

After you are finished decorating, fill the pillow with polyfill stuffing and fold in the material to hot glue the seam closed. If you made a pillow with a hidden hem, fold the edges of the fabric in towards each other and hot glue together.

Button Tree Pillow

  • 25 - 30 small buttons in various colors
  • hot glue gun with glue sticks OR fabric glue
  • 1 piece of brown felt at least 12" x 9"

While the pillow cover is cooling off, cut a tree out of the brown felt. Adeina free-handed hers to look like branches, but she also suggests finding a pattern on the internet and tracing it onto the felt. Hot glue the brown felt tree onto the pillow, making the bottom of the tree come out of a corner of the pillow. Take your buttons and randomly glue them on the tree.

Cookie Cutter Pillow

  • Cookie cutters in your choice of shapes
  • Fabric markers in at least 3 different colors

Using the fabric markers, trace the cookie cutter in a dotted line pattern. Repeat this step all around the pillow with different cookie cutters and different colored fabric markers. Let the markers designs dry for a couple minutes before filling.

Ribbon Pillow

  • 3 spools of ribbon in the same color but a different pattern
  • hot glue gun with glue sticks OR fabric glue

Adeina made a 6" x 6" square design on the inside with one ribbon pattern. Hot glue the ribbon down as you go, pushing the ribbon up and gluing down to make an edge for each corner of the square. Put a second and then a third square about a 1/2" outside your previous square.

For more from Adeina Anderson, visit her website.
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