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DIY Nail Art, Create Your Own Statement Hats and Fascinators, How to Groom Eyebrows and Apply False Lashes

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Complete Episode: DIY Salon Nail Art
You don't have to go to the salon to get hot nail looks. Here's how to get the latest nail trends at home for a lot less than you'd pay a professional. Also, hats are all the rage, so here's how you can create your own statement hats and fabulous fascinators from craft items. Plus, find out how you can groom and shape your own eyebrows.
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Trendy DIY Nail Art Techniques
Trendy DIY Nail Art Techniques
If you don't have the time or the money to visit the salon, but you still want perfect nails, we have secrets on how to get a home manicure that looks professional, including how to get the latest trends like color blocking, snakeskin nails and designer nail art.
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DIY These Expensive Department Store Hats
DIY These Expensive Department Store Hats
Department store hats can run anywhere from $60 to hundreds of dollars. But with a few craft supplies and your imagination, you can transform almost any plain, basic hat into a statement piece for just a few bucks!
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DIY Fresh Flower Fascinator Hat
DIY Fresh Flower Fascinator Hat
The beautiful and fashionable Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, has sparked a huge comeback in gorgeous headwear. Here's how you can make a beautiful fascinator hat with tips from a flower and design expert!
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How to Groom Your Brows and Apply False Lashes
How to Groom Your Brows and Apply False Lashes
When properly groomed, eyebrows and lashes can make you appear younger and more rested. We know you can pay someone to do the job for you, but a makeup artist shows you how to save money with some easy and inexpensive techniques.
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Photo Gallery
Fabulous Fascinator Hats
See photos of these beautiful old-fashioned hats that are back in style, including one you can make yourself!
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