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DIY Massage Techniques

A professional massage is wonderful, but you can save money by learning DIY massage techniques for your hands, legs, neck, feet and body.

Jennifer Colmanares with Elements Massage recommends regular massage appointments, but says you can get some of the same relaxing results using items from your home.

"All really inexpensive stuff you probably have in your kitchen or the dog toy basket," said Jennifer.

Foot massage:

What you need: Bottle of water or tennis ball

What to do: Set it on the floor, take your shoe off and roll your foot back and forth over the item. Roll from toe to heel to work out the tendon. Do this at least three times, but no more than 12.

"Even though it might feel really good, you don't want to damage or bruise yourself," said Jennifer.

Hand massage:

What you need: the Kong dog toy

What to do: Because the toy is made of hard rubber, it can be washed and sanitized. After washing, roll the toy back and forth across your fingers and hands. Do little circular motions around where the palm of your hand is and along the base of your thumbs.

Jennifer says this massage hits reflexology points in your hands, giving your immune system a boost and help release stress and tension in other parts of your body.

Neck massage:

What you need: Dog toy with little nubs on it

What to do: Roll on the back of your neck. Jennifer recommends rubbing the toy from your neck under your hairline and down to your shoulder area.

Leg massage:

What you need: Rolling pin

What to do: Take the rolling pin and roll it along your calf and thigh area. Jennifer says this massage is great for runners, walkers and cyclers. Start at the top of your leg and roll down to your knee. Do it at least three times, but no more than 12.

"If it hurts, stop. It's not doing you any good," says Jennifer.

DIY Hot Stone Massage:

What you need: several river rocks, which you can get at a hardware store

What to do: Microwave a bowl of water until it's pretty hot. Put stones into water and allow them to sit for a few minutes. Make sure the stones aren't too hot - Jennifer says make sure you can hold the stone in your hand for at least 5 seconds. Start by placing the stones on your feet and work your way up. You can put them on your hands, back of neck, legs, etc.

For more information, visit Elements Massage.

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