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DIY Lip Gloss, Party Favors for Less, Perfect Color, Car Repair Basics

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Check out a few fun and festive party favors for less! Plus, learn how to make your own lip gloss and get more on free and easy car fixes.
Segment 1
DIY Lip Gloss
DIY Lip Gloss
If you love lip gloss and balms but hate paying the expensive price tag, why not make your own! Tamika Fletcher, Co-Owner of Natural Resources Salon says it's very easy and inexpensive to do and has the added bonus of knowing exactly what you're putting on your skin.
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Segment 2
Party Favors for Less
Party Favors for Less
The key to any fabulous party is the favors of course! So how do you impress your guests for less? Event planner Sabrina Patrick comes to our rescue!
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Segment 3
Perfect Hair Color
Perfect Hair Color
Every four to six weeks, many women shell out hundreds of dollars for their stylist to mix up the perfect color for their hair. And why not? Robert Gavagan, a senior stylist at Elektra hair salon, says the perfect color could leave you looking 10 years younger.
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Segment 4
Car Repair Basics
Car Repair Basics
Learning minor car repairs will not only save you money, it will give you peace of mind.
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