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DIY Jewelry Organizer

Jewelry comes in all shapes and sizes and so do jewelry displays. You don't have to spend a lot of money on a fancy jewelry case; you can make your own using items you probably already have.

Teacher and Entrepreneur Shunte Gamble-Davis is always in "DIY" mode. Her love of designing her own jewelry created a new challenge -- how to store it all.

"I needed ways to display my jewelry in a more creative way," said Shunte.

We challenged Shunte to use her DIY expertise and she came up with five unique ways to display and store your jewelry using item you probably have around the house.

Wire Mesh Holder

Wire mesh (you can buy this at any home supply store)
Staple gun

Directions: Take the back and glass portion out of a picture frame. Cut a piece of wire mesh to the same size as the frame. Use a staple gun to attach wire mesh to frame. You can put earrings and other jewelry on the mesh!

Drawer Jewelry Holder

Picture frame, any size
Felt, any type

Directions: Take the back and glass portion out of a picture frame. Replace it with felt and place in drawer. The felt keeps the jewelry from sliding around in the drawer.

Lace Jewelry Display

Ribbon lace
Picture frame
Card stock solid color

Directions: cut the ribbon of lace into strips to cover the picture frame opening. Put a solid color of card stock behind the picture, followed by the lace. Put the back back on the photo frame. Pull the pieces of lace to tighten. You can hang earrings from the holes in the pieces of lace.

Hanger jewelry Display

Wooden hanger
Screw hooks

Directions: Take a wooden hanger and measure out holes 1 inch apart. Mark the spots with black marker. Take screw hooks and carefully screw the hooks into the marked holes. You can hang necklaces or bracelets from the hooks!

Push Pin Hanger

Cork board
Push pins

Directions: get a cork board and place push pins on the board in different locations. Hang your jewelry from the pins! Doesn't get any easier than that!

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