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DIY Friendship Bracelets

They're back! Boutique websites are selling friendship bracelets for $60 to $100 and up!

This stuff isn't rocket science and jewelry designer Alicia DiRago says they aren't just easy to make.

"Friendship bracelets are about expressing your individuality," said DiRago, "It doesn't have to look like it came from the store. The idea is to make it look like a handmade vibe, so that's the point. Friendship bracelets when we were a kid were a huge thing and now I think they are even bigger than they were."

We made our bracelets for about one dollar each!

Leather Cord Bracelet

Materials Needed: leather strapping, rhinestone chain, craft lace, wooden craft bead

  • 8 to 10 inches of leather strapping
  • 6 inches of rhinestone chain.
  • Craft lace

First Step:

  • Take a piece of leather strapping (8-10 inches) and tie a knot at the end.
  • Leave about 8 inches on one end
  • Through this knot put the piece of leather and also the very end of the chain. (make it where the knot comes to tie in the middle of the first two stones)

Second Step:

  • Take craft lace and wrap between every stone and keep the chain sitting right on top of the leather. Hold it in place and wrap it around.
  • When you get to the end and you have a few inches extra give it just one more wrap around the leather and tie it in a knot. (the only thing left to do is make a closure)

The Closure: An Adjustable Knot

  • Do an overhead knot on each end and leave them semi open. Then put the tail of each knot in the opposite end of the other loose knot.
  • Add a wooden craft bead before tying together and pulling tightly on each end. Now you have an adjustable bracelet!

Braided Rhinestone and Ribbon Bracelet

Materials needed: jump rings, ribbon, rhinestone chain, star charm (if you like), lobster claw, wire

First Step:

  • Cut rhinestone chain at about 20 inches
  • Cut 60 inches of ribbon
  • Fold the ribbon in half and attach a jump ring. add the rhinestone chain to the jump ring using wire
  • Attach the lobster claw to the jump ring

Second Step:

  • Now you have 3 layers: the rhinestone chain, and the two pieces of ribbon. Braid the three until you get to the bottom.

Third Step:

  • When you get to the end, hold on to the very tail and wrap the excess ribbon around the chain and back up.
  • Take another piece of wire and wrap around the ends to hold them together
  • Add a few more jump rings to that final piece of wire and attach a charm (we did a star)

You can wrap this bracelet around your wrist three times!

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