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DIY Edible Cookie Arrangements for Valentine's Day

If you want to give your special someone something sweet this Valentine's Day, try making your own customized cookie bouquet. You can save money by doing it yourself with these easy tips for a beautiful cookie arrangement.

Food is often the best way to a person's heart, so this holiday what better way to spread the love than with homemade sweet treats?

Michael Savino, owner of Michael's Cookie Jar, gave us a lesson in baking, decorating and presentation!

First, Michael showed us how to make his classic shortbread. For the details on this great recipe, click here.

After chilling in the fridge over night, take out the dough and cut the block into smaller pieces so that you can soften it a bit with your hands. When the dough is softened, but still cold, roll it out evenly and cut out your shapes.

Michael showed us how to make two kinds of cookies: simple hearts with piping and non-pareils and princess and prince frog cookies.

To make icing for both cookies, Michael shared his recipe for simple icing. Add food coloring to make it the desired color. We made our hearts red and pink and the frogs green and pink.

After you spread the cookies with the icing, an easy way to decorate them is to put your non-pareil sprinkles into a bowl and dip the edges into the bowl. For the hearts, we dipped the edge all the way around for a pretty border, and for the frogs, we dipped just the crown area into yellow nonpareils to make a bright yellow crown. Make sure to do this while it's still wet.

Another easy cookie decorating techinque? Put some of your icing in a piping bag in an alternate color to what's already on your cookie. Then pipe small circles onto your cookie however you like. Take a toothpick and drag it through your circles, turning them into hearts. If you do this in all one direction, it will look as if the hearts are trailing each other.

Then to pipe words onto the cookies and designs, make this royal icing recipe.

To make cookies on a stick, many people assume you bake the stick into the cookie, but that's not how Michael does it. Instead, they apply the sticks with royal icing. After the icing is dry on the top of the cookie, flip the cookie over and add a strip of royal icing to the back. Press the stick into the royal icing and let it dry for 24 hours.

Cover the cookies with cellophane bags and secure with a bow. Use a repurposed flower vase to hold them together in a bouquet. Place piece of styrofoam in the bottom of the vase and add colored fill on top. Arrange your cookies sticking them into the Styrofoam.

Recipes: For more from Michael's Cookie Jar, call (713) 771-8603, visit or find them at 5330 Weslayan Street, Houston, TX 77005.
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