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DIY Candy, Fundraising, Gourmet Burgers, Dress for Success

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Get tips from a pro on making homemade chocolate. Plus, discover an organization that is helping women dress for success and providing career development. And, get a few recipes for gourmet burgers.
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DIY Candy Recipes
DIY Candy Recipes
What girl doesn't like chocolate!? Annie Rupani turned her love for chocolate into a business, Cacao and Cardamon. She's sharing some of her secrets in a few recipes you may enjoy!
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Learn to Dress for Success
Learn to Dress for Success
Racks and racks of beautiful name brand suits, rows and rows of shirts and blouses, stunning shoes, handbags and jewelry and all of it is free. Nope, we are not at a high end store, we are at Dress for Success. DFS is a nationwide organization that provides professional clothing and career development to support women.
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Inexpensive Gourmet Burger Recipe
Inexpensive Gourmet Burger Recipe
A burger from a gourmet shop can cost up to twenty bucks! But one celebrity chef shows us how a few ingredients you probably already have at home can help turn a plain meat patty into a great gourmet burger.
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Fundraising Teaches Kids Life Lessons
Fundraising Teaches Kids Life Lessons
For many kids, it's a rite of passage. From Girl Scout cookies to school and sports fundraisers, when kids take on a project like this, it's not easy.
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