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DIY Cabinets, Habitat Restore, Pallet Gardening, Chair Caning, Perfect Cut

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Find out how you can get discounts on products for your home. Plus, get more on building a pallet garden -- an inexpensive, new trend. And, learn how to save your broken chairs and a simple way to fix up your cabinets on your own.
Segment 1
Habitat Restore
Habitat Restore
Are you doing a home improvement project on a budget? Habitat for Humanity offers discounted home goods.
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Segment 2
Pallet Garden
Pallet Garden
A pallet garden is a great way to build a garden on a budget.
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Segment 3
Chair Caning
Chair Caning
If you have broken and busted chairs it's not too late! They can be saved with chair caning.
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Segment 4
Perfect Cut for Your Face Shape
Perfect Cut for Your Face Shape
Finding the perfect hair not only makes you feel good about yourself but it can save you heartache and money!
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Segment 5
DIY Cabinets
DIY Cabinets
Completely redoing your cabinets can cost a fortune so we went to the experts at Home Depot to find out how to save money.
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