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DIY Bench from Coffee Table and Decorative Accents

If you're looking to change up your decor, but don't have a lot to spend, here are two easy DIY projects you'll love: a bench made from an old coffee table and some pretty decorative wall art to hang in your favorite room.

Turn an Old Coffee Table Into A Bench

  • Old metal or wood coffee table
  • 1 Sheet of plywood
  • Thick foam
  • Fabric of your choice
  • Staple gun
  • Scissors
1. Measure the top of the coffee table where you will be placing the plywood for your bench.

2. Take the plywood to a home improvement store and they will cut the straight edges for you. If you need corner edges done, you can purchase a hand saw to cut the other edges.

3. Cut thick foam with the hand saw to match the plywood.

4. Place the material over the foam and flip it over

5. Staple the material to the plywood on the back side.

6. Cut the excess material and place the bench top onto the table top.

Decorative Wall Art

  • Deco Art Decoupage
  • Sponge Brush
  • 12 x 12 canvas (or size of your choice)
  • Americana acrylic paint, color to match your scrapbook paper
  • 12 x 12 sheet of scrapbook paper (enough to cover your canvas)
  • Embellishments for decorating your canvas
  • Hot glue gun
1. Paint your canvas on the edges and about an inch in on top of the canvas.

2. After it has dried, paint the top of the canvas with decoupage in a thick layer.

3. Paint the back side of the scrapbook paper with decoupage.

4. Place the scrapbook paper on top of the canvas and try to get all of the lines and bubble out. It's okay to have some lines or bubbles - this will add character to your artwork.

5. Adhere the corners and edges by putting some decoupage on your fingers and pressing down on the edges.

6. After the decoupage has dried, hot glue your embellishments onto the top of the scrapbook paper.

7. Let the glue dry and enjoy.

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