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Creative DIY Wall Art

Decorate bare walls with items you already have. From bag art to sentimental keepsakes and wood projects, Sharon Hines shares how to repurpose pieces for wall decor.

Whether you want to decorate or DIY your way to a better home, her website is a virtual classroom.

"Mrs. Hines class is my blog, it's my personal blog. A home and garden lifestyle type. You can find cooking, recipes, it's DIY, it's decorate your way to a better home. And I really like to emphasize using what you have and stretching your dollars. So It's for the frugal minded," said Hines.

This class showcases three budget-friendly solutions for bare walls:

Ticket Box
Shadow box or frame for children's artwork
Memorabilia from plays, movies etc.
Spray adhesive
Fabric or decorative paper
Push pins

1) Lay fabric inside box and use frame as a guide to cut fabric to size.
2) Spray fabric with spray adhesive, tip: cover well for strong adhesion.
3) Place fabric inside box frame to cover cardboard backing.
4) Smooth out wrinkles with your hands or a plastic card.
5) Use pins to display memorabilia. tip: insert pins at a 45 degree angle rather than at a straight 90 degree angle

Designer Bag Art
Variety of designer bags
Frames in assorted sizes

1) Match bags to the frame it will best fit.
2) Remove backing from frames
3) Use frame backing as template to cut any bags to size if necessary.
4) Insert bags in frames tip: you may need to cut off handles so the bag lays straight
5) Arrange and display

Wood Art
Photo transfer medium
Mod Podge
Wood plaque
Small paint brush
Sponge or rag
Bowl of water

1) Take photo to nearest copy store to have the photo laser printed onto regular paper. Be sure to have it printed in reverse if there are words in your photo.
2) Use a small paint brush or foam brush to apply photo transfer medium onto wood surface
3) Lay photo on wood, right side down.
4) Use a plastic card or a brayer to smooth out bubbles and wrinkles.
5) Let the transfer medium dry for 24 hours or according to package directions
6) Use a wet rag to thoroughly wet the photo paper and let sit for 2 minutes
7) Use your fingers to carefully peel away the paper, leaving behind the image. This process can take a while. Wet and peel until all paper is gone.
8) Seal the photo with Mod Podge and let dry.

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