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Whether it is a fun project for kids or making stylish accessories for adults, all-in-one craft boxes are a great way to guarantee a perfect finished project without spending a lot of money. Kat Cosley, host of Deals, tested out several craft box subscriptions.

Just about anyone can get in on the DIY movement with monthly craft project boxes delivered directly to your door.

"I think that everyone is getting craftier, I love it! Anything that makes people be creative and start making something is a real enjoyable experience," said Whimseybox founder, Alicia DiRago.

"It's always fun to be able to tell someone I made it myself," said crafter Alyssa Wyble.

The down side is it's often hard to buy materials for just one project without spending a lot of money and time at the store. Your problem could be solved with craft boxes. Subscriptions range from about $15 to $25 a month.

Kat looked into several different boxes:

Whimseybox: It cost $15 a month. In the box we received supplies to make three different memo boards, a pad of paper, buttons and scrapbook tape. Each box also includes a piece of art that can be framed.

Brit Kit: It costs $19.99 a month. The box we received included ingredients for making candy coated popcorn and everything to paint your own whimsical cloth napkins and bags.

Kiwi Crate: It costs $19.95 a month. The project box was "chef" theme. It included a DIY chef apron, felt fruits and veggies and a play money kit.

Green Kids Crafts: It costs $19.95 a month. The box came with a mini sailboat kit, set of oil pastels, a postcard making kit with soap and felt pin the tail on the whale DIY game kit.

Amazepack: It costs $24.99 a month. It included everything needed to screen and print a beautiful pattern on a soft jersey knit scarf.

One of the most popular craft box subscription companies is also one of the least expensive -- Whimseybox. Founder Alicia DiRago's goal is to give you designs you'll want to show off. To prove her point, Alicia showed Kat two of her most popular DIY projects -- a ball chain necklace and a leather business card holder.

DIY Business Card Holder

Items needed:

  • leather
  • felt
  • fabric glue
  • foam brush

Directions: Cut out the pattern of the leather business card - about a 5 x 3 inch rectangle shape. Now, take the felt and cut the same size. At the top of one side of the felt rectangle, cut out a 1 inch x 2 inch shape out of the left and right side. Now glue the felt to the leather. Use fabric glue, spread a very thin layer. Then, place the felt on top, ink side down. Allow time to dry. Trim away excess materials. Decorate with a paint pen.

DIY Chain Necklace

Items needed:

  • 3 different sizes of ball chain (from hardware store)
  • split rings
  • keychain loop
  • clasp
Directions: Make three giant loops with the three different sizes of ball chain. Loop each large ball chain loop around until they are one-foot long each. Lay down the loops on the table. Now, use split rings and connect all of the loops together on both sides. Add the clasp on one side. Now you can attach it as a necklace. Twist the necklace around a few times before attaching around your neck.

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