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Convertible Dresses

Convertible dresses are a stylish way to stretch your clothing dollar. We have a couple to show you, including one we found at a drug store!

Designer Benjamin White has his own company called Moda Styles. His website "" is completely devoted to convertible dresses. He sells his "one size fits all" dresses for $69 for the short dress and $79 for the longer length. The material is made up of 80% silk and 20% Crepe and each dress has two different patterns of fabric sewn together to wear 30 different ways.

Our model took this fabric and instantly turned it into a strapless dress with a belt. She took that same fabric and turned it into a one shoulder dress, then a halter dress and finally a skirt. Each dress is one of a kind and the fabric is from India. The designer also says the fabric hardly wrinkles.

If $69 is too much for one dress, we found a cotton convertible dress for $19.99 at Walgreens. The dress comes in different colors and the label says it can be work 8 different ways. Our model first wore it as a halter dress with a tie back, then we changed up the halter by twisting the material and belting the dress and finally the dress can be worn with sleeves.

A convertible dress will help you go from the beach, to the office and even a night on the town -- for one price tag!

For more information on convertible dresses:

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