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Cloth Diapers

Cloth Diapers

Using cloth diapers is a great way to save money when it comes to your baby.

"Now they are made just like disposable diapers with snaps and Velcro and they can go anywhere from really bulky for overnight for really trim for out and about in the daytime use," says mom Lisa Johnston.

Not only that, "They are cute, they are very cute," said Lisa.

From butterflies, to farm animals to sports teams, babies are making a fashion statement before they could talk. But cloth diapers are not just about being cute.

"It's a great money saver," said Lisa.

Lisa Johnston says cloth diapers have saved her family thousands of dollars.

"We figured it out the other day and I purchased 24 prefold diapers, five very cheap covers - but very functional covers and they came out to $51 with shipping," she said, "The total cost of disposable diapering system a baby can run you $1500 for one year for one baby. $1,500 to disposable diaper one baby, as opposed to $45-50-100 dollars to diaper 2 or 3 babies from birth to potty training."

Maria Hill started out using disposable diapers, but switched for her daughter.

"She was getting rashes in the very beginning and I went through several different brands of disposables and it seemed nothing was helping so we decided to give cloth a try and we never looked back," said Hill.

Maria says she couldn't live without them now.

"After all this time using the cloth diapers, I just can't even imagine how I would work it into my budget to fit in the disposable diapers at this point. It's just been great for us," said Hill. "I know I've saved a lot of money. Her stash is built on $300. So, I've basically diapered her for 2 years for $300 so I know the savings have been significant."

Lourdes Resendez thinks people have the wrong idea about cloth diapers.

"It's easy. I think there's a misconception that it's not very easy or it's dirty or things like that. But we don't have stink in our house. We have a routine, we wash every other day. It's just easy," said Lourdes. "Dad's will use them, babysitters will use them, and there are child care facilities that will use them because they are all in one."

There are a lot of options when it comes to cloth diapers, the most common - the "all in one" diaper.

"The all in one diaper is just like a disposable diaper except for it's made out of cloth and its reusable," said Hill.

"If you have an all in one it looks almost like a disposable diaper except it has a cute outside," said Lourdes, "Then you just put the diaper on, you snap it or you do the Velcro and you are done."

Then, there's the "all in two."

"This is a typical all in two cloth diapers," said Hill, "This part here is the absorbent layer and this part here is the waterproof layer. You just lay or snap in the absorbent layer and attach it to the baby and you are good to go."

For long trips or overnight try "fitted" diapers.

"This is an example of a fitted cloth diaper, which not waterproof by itself. This is a great option for overnight t. You would just put it on the baby, snap it into place. Then you put the cover on over it, and that makes it a perfect overnight solution." said Hill.

And the cleaning is simple.

"Once your baby has soiled his or her diaper you then take that and dump it into the toilet so you don't have to worry about it anymore," said Lisa, "Then you throw it in the diaper pail and throw it in the washing machine and wash it."

If you are out and about somewhere, just bring along a "wet bag."

"The good thing about these wet bags is they have a waterproof lining so there is no smell and no moisture escapes from the bag," said Lisa.

All these mom's recommend trying out different diapers before buying a "stash" of your own.

"They'll send you a box with all different kinds of cloth diapers that way you can try different brands and you can see the ones you like," said Lourdes, "Then you are not spending all your money on one brand of diaper and like 'oh wow, these don't really work for us.'"

"Do your research online, find the cheapest diapers online," said Lisa.

"Explore your options. There are lots and lots of diapers," said Lourdes.

"I have no doubt I'll use cloth diapers with this next baby from day one," said Maria.

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