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Chair Caning

If you have broken and busted chairs it's not too late! They can be saved with chair caning.

"You cannot go out and buy a nice wooden chair for what you would have it caned. If this particular piece is caned the cheaper route would be to have the chair redone. Because when you go out to buy a nice piece of furniture, it's expensive. The caning would be cheaper in the long run," said Lonnie Hohle, head Caner.

It sounds simple but caning is no easy task. It is tedious work that takes hours. Workers maneuver long pieces of cane in and out of each tiny hole.

This caning workshop is located at a home for adults with special needs. The repetitive nature of the job is a perfect fit for this team.

"Am I'm very proud of myself. I love working with my hands, knitting, sewing, I just love working with my hands," said caner Alicia Mills.

"All of the caners that are here right now are very experienced," said Lonnie, "People bring their chairs or any item that is to be caned into us. Like a chair that is too broken to sit on but too expensive to throw away, so they bring it to us. We put new seats or the back or whatever needs to be done."

Lonnie Hohle runs this caning workshop.

"We get some really antique old chairs which are really valuable. We charge $1.65 per hole. Count the holes all over the chair or the seat or whatever -- it may be times the $1.65."

Lonnie says most clients don't mind the cost because they are often getting an irreplaceable item -- such as a family heirloom -- repaired.

"We have had things brought to us in pieces and we put it back together," said Lonnie.

"It makes me feel good knowing that I'm fixing somebody else's chair for them," said Shanna Sollock, "I just think it looks nice and stuff when I'm done with it. I like helping other people. I like doing work for other people, because it makes me feel good knowing that it makes them happy."

"They are very excited and very proud of what they do. And they should be. There are not a lot of people that can do what they do. It takes time, concentration and the ones we have here have all that. They are very proud of what they do and I'm very proud of them."

The Center accepts pieces from anywhere in the country. For more information check the website

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