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Bracelet Web Extra

Bracelet Web Extra

Boutique websites are selling friendship bracelets for $60 to $100 and up! Jewelry designer Alicia Di Rago shows us how to make a colorful bracelet using chain and embroidery floss.

Chain & Floss Bracelet

Materials needed: Chain, embroidery floss, clasp, jump ring

First step:

  • Measure 2 pieces of chain at about 6 inches in length each.
  • Measure about six pieces of embroidery floss to 36-42 inches

Second Step:

  • Hold pieces of chain together and lace the floss through each hole in the chain. start from the top and go to the bottom, then go back up again.
  • When you are finished, tie it in a double knot Final step:
  • Add jump ring to both ends, and a clasp to one end.

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