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Baby Gear Rental

Traveling with kids can be chaotic and with all the added baggage fees it can also be expensive to take all of their stuff with you.

"We've come up with what we think is a better solution. They can leave all that stuff at home," said Annie Swinford - Gonzales.

Annie Swinford - Gonzales owns "Rockabye Baby Rentals." Her company and similar ones across the country allow you to rent baby equipment. She started off renting to families who travel.

"Pack up the kids and just the essentials they need," said Annie, "When they arrive everything is already set up and ready to go, all they need to do is put the baby down for the nap."

Annie quickly realized it's not just traveling families who need her help.

"I have four grandchildren and three of them are under the age of three. One lives here, the others come quiet often," said Mary Jaffe.

Mary Jaffe rents baby equipment several times a year.

"Two of my three children live out of town, and when they'd come visit, I didn't have the storage space to keep a crib and all the items that comes with babies or small children. So it's been working with me terrifically," said Marry. "It takes them five minutes to come in and set it all up and leave, they are very efficient."

"We have car seats from infants to toddlers. We also carry high chairs, strollers, toys, bouncy seats, just a little bit of everything," said Annie, "We have the stroller bases that the infant car seats can attach on, too. We've got quite a wide variety of equipment."

"It's full of children, and toys and equipment when they come," said Mary.

For Mary and other grandparents, renting these items makes sense because kids grow.

"So when they travel many times the children have different needs each time they come. One time they are an infant, the next time they come they are a toddler so we have the equipment to be able to grow with the child, so we can provide exactly what they need at the time they come."

With "Rockabye Baby Rentals" you can go online, pick out the items you need and have them delivered.

"Our service saves people money because number one -- anyone who has gone into a children's store recently knows how expensive this stuff can be," said Annie, "For basically right about 100 dollars, you can rent our toddler package, which includes a full size crib with mattress and linens, a toddler car seat, a stroller or high chair and a box of assorted toddler toys."

"If they were to go out and try to purchase all of that equipment new they'd be spending on the low end $700, on the high end possible as high as $1,500."

Most toy rental services - including Annie's - deliver to homes, offices, airports and even hotel rooms.

"We've made it as simple as possible," said Annie.

And, don't worry - the items are very clean.

"All of our soft goods are laundered in die free perfume organic cleaners. All of our hard items are steam sanitized to assure they are germ free. Once everything is clean and dried, it's bagged to ensure it remains dust free."

For more information about Annie's company visit

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