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4 Wine Bottle Craft Projects

4 Wine Bottle Craft Projects

Don't recycle that wine bottle - upcycle it! Here are four easy DIY projects you can make out of old wine bottles to create beautiful and unique home decor - a centerpiece, a hanging lantern, a lighted floral arrangement and a wall hanging.

Adeina Anderson of Crafting With Adeina shows us how to make easy and inexpensive home decor projects from old wine bottles. If you don't have a lot of bottles on hand, you can always ask a local restaurant or wine bar to save some for you. Often, they will do it for free. The rest of the materials you need can be purchased at your local craft store.

To get the labels off of the wine bottles, soak the bottles in soapy water and peel off the labels. If the labels are difficult to remove, put them in the dishwasher and run a normal cycle. They should come off afterwards.

How to Cut Off the Bottom of the Bottle

The first two projects require cutting the bottom off the bottle with a glass cutter. To do so, you'll need a glass cutting kit, like Mr. Green Bottle Cutter, which costs about $20. You can try to borrow one from someone, or purchase one yourself, which may be a good investment if you're making centerpieces or lanterns for an event.

Fill a cooking pot three-quarters full with water and bring it to a rapid boil. While you are waiting for the water to boil, use the glass cutter to score the wine bottles a few inches up from the bottom, and set them aside until you are ready to cut them. Fill the other cooking pot half full with ice and add water until it is three-quarters of the way from the top. Wearing leather gloves holding the top of the bottle, insert the wine bottle into the boiling water for five seconds, immersing it above where the score line is. Then, take the bottle out of the hot water and put it into the ice water until you hear it crack. Then, insert the bottle back into the hot water. The bottom of the bottle shoudl fall off.

The edges of the bottle may be sharp - use caution when handling.

Wine Bottle Centerpiece


  • Wine bottles with tbe bottom cut off (use instructions above)
  • Small round or square mirrors
  • Tea light candle - real or flameless, battery-operated candles
  • Artificial flowers

Place the tea light candle on top of the mirror, light it or turn it on, and place the bottle over the top. Put the artificial flower in the top of the bottle, making sure the stem doesn't reach the flame if you're using a real candle.

Wine Bottle Hanging Lantern

  • Wine Bottle with the bottoms cut off (use instructions above
  • Corks (from the original bottle or purchase at a craft store)
  • Sturdy, bendable wire
  • Votive candle - real or flameless, battery-operated candles
  • Power drill
  • Wire cutters

Using the drill, drill a small hole through the top of the cork to the bottom, just large enough that you can string a piece of wire through. Pull out about yard of wire and cut, straightening as you pull. Wrap one end of the wire around a small cylindrical object, like a craft paint bottle, wrapping it into a coil. Use your wire cutters or a pair of pliers to tighten the coil at the bottom. Place your candle at the top of the coil, securing it inside, and thread the wire through the wine bottle and through the top of the cork. Wrap the wire around the top of the bottle and use the end to create a hook for hanging. You can leave the candle hanging outside the bottle or pull it just inside the bottom.

Wine Bottle Lighted Floral Arrangement


  • Battery operated Christmas or wedding string lights
  • Wine bottle (uncut)
  • Various silk flowers, with stems torn off
  • Colorful ribbon, 2" or 3" thick
  • Glue dots
Insert a few small flowers into the bottle. Carefully slide the lights into the bottle, one at a time, securing the battery pack to the top of the bottle using glue dots. Next place more flowers inside of the bottle to hide the wires from the lights. Cut enough ribbon to tie a bow to the top of the bottle to hide the battery pack. Turn the lights on and enjoy.

Wine Bottle Wall Hanging


  • 3 wine bottles, same color and size
  • 3 flowers, real or artificial, with stems, like daisies
  • 3 copper brackets, with screws (found at hardware store)
  • Power drill with screwdriver attachment
  • Decorative piece of wood, at least 18" long
  • Picture hanging brackets
  • Spray or paint on sealant for wood for outdoor use
Adhere 1 or 2 hanging brackets to the back of the decorative piece of wood. You can leave the wood its natural color or paint it. Then, seal the wood with either an outdoor spray or brush on sealer. Measure your decorative piece of wood so that you can place 3 brackets evenly spaced apart onto the wood. Place the bottles onto the wood and adhere them with the brackets by drilling in the screws to hold the brackets on. Place either a live flower or a silk flower into the top of the bottle, and enjoy.

For more from Adeina Anderson, visit her website.
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