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10 Wines Under $10

Have you been wine shopping at your local grocery store lately? You might be surprised at the variety of wine available.

"Most people don't associate grocery stores as having fine wine -and that's not true," said Kroger Wine Consultant Jamie Deleon.

He says, spending less doesn't mean you have to sacrifice taste.

Walking through any wine department can be overwhelming - so he says the first thing you should do is find the wine consultant on duty.

"We have some highly trained wine consultants that would be glad to walk you through the department to show you different ranges, different styles and price ranges," he said.

As you walk through the aisles, you'll notice most grocery stores price their wines from the most expensive at the top to the least expensive on the bottom. "One of the most important things to reme

mber just because it's on the bottom shelf doesn't mean it's no good - that it's cheap," he said.

Here's Jamie's Top Ten under $10:

Sparkling Wine: Cupcake Prosecco $9.99
Freixent Cava $7.79

"Most people tend to think sparkling is a festive wine or only celebrations or graduations and it doesn't have to be just for those celebrations," he said.

"This Cupcake is one of my favorite, it has those fruits, the apples, the pears that you get with a Prosecco - it is a very good value," he said.

The Freixent, he says is made with three grape varietals from Northeast Spain.

No matter what price range you're drinking, Jamie says it's important to use the right glassware to get the best taste.

"Usually the wider the glass, the gas escapes and then you turn from sparkling to kind of a flat wine," Jamie said. "The little bubbles that come from the bottom; the finer and the long-stream the bubbles the higher quality in the sparkling."

Jamie says pairing any wine with the right food is key. He recommends drinking sparkling wine to start your meal with light appetizers like cheese and crackers.


"The Ménage A Trios does have a catchy name and it's very popular, they've actually done a very good job of blending the grapes," Jamie said.

"It actually has some Moscotto, a little touch of sweetness, some Chardonnay that adds some roundness, somebody to it and also some Chenin Blanc - it's a very unique blend."

When opening wine, Jamie says, you want it to be at its peak so he advises you open it 30 minutes prior to serving.

"I love the Bogle Chardonnay," Jamie said. "Apples, pears, you get some oak you definitely get some smokiness from the oak barrels."

He says in general, white wine pairs well with white meat and seafood.


"I choose these because once again you get all that fruit, you get the quality without that high price range," he said. "Cabernet is one of my favorite grape varietals, I like the Liberty School because what I look for is the black cherries, the dark fruits, yet you get the softness of vanilla, coffee and chocolate that you get from the oak barrels that California is known for," he said. "And Zin is very popular in Sonoma, Zinfandel is very soft, black fruits, this is one of our popular brands in our store here," he said.

Red wine Glasses have a wider bowl versus white wine glasses.

"It kind of seals the fruit, the aromas so you're getting it through your nose as you're getting a sip of it," he explained.

As you've probably guessed, Jamie says reds pair well with dark meats.

Oftentimes grocery stores will offer a discount for buying a several bottles at once. This store offers a 10% discount when you buy any six bottles of wine.

Here's his complete list:

Available at Kroger for Less Than $10


-Cupcake Prosecco $9.99
-Freixenet Cava $7.79

-Bogle Chardonnay $8.29
-Menage White $9.99
-Cupcake Sauvignon Blanc $9.99

-Liberty School Cabarnet $9.99
-Red Diamond Merlot $9.99
-Menduco Malbec $8.99
-Gnarly Head Zinfandel $7.99
-Bogle Petite Sirah $9.99

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