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More Lightened-Up Desserts

Kary makes three incredible desserts that have less fat and calories, so you can indulge your sweet tooth without any guilt. Tasty dessert recipes include Chocolate Banana Pudding; Apple Cherry Strudel Roll; Ricotta Cheesecake with Citrus Compote.
Segment 1
Chocolate Banana Pudding
Chocolate Banana Pudding
A cooked custard pudding, thickened with egg whites and cornstarch, gives the creamy consistency without the rich fat content. For old-fashioned chocolate pudding, omit the banana.
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Segment 2
Ricotta Cheesecake with Citrus Compote
Ricotta Cheesecake with Citrus Compote
A perfect ending to a meal, this cheesecake is lighter than a traditional one made with only cream cheese. The small amount of light cream cheese and sour cream added to the ricotta make it creamy.
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Segment 3
Apple Cherry Strudel Roll
Apple Cherry Strudel Roll
Because Dad is an apple pie fan, surprise him with a variation on his favourite. Mom always appreciates an elegant finish to a special meal, so she'll be enthusiastic about the flaky layers of phyllo surrounding the fruit. Serve with vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt.
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