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Healthy Snacks

Make smart snacks choices. Kary prepares four healthy and flavorful recipes that will satisfy any craving, in an instant. Featured recipes: Tropical Granola Clusters with Brazil Nuts, Pineapple Berry Smoothies, Lightened-Up Hummus and Carrot Salad Bites.
Segment 1
Tropical Granola Clusters with Brazil Nuts
Tropical Granola Clusters with Brazil Nuts
Start the evening with an inventive way of serving smoked salmon -- wrapped around crunchy vegetables and served with soy sauce for dipping and wasabi and pickled ginger if desired.
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Segment 2
Pineapple Berry Smoothies
Pineapple Berry Smoothies
These frosty fruity beverages make a great start to the day or a delicious midmorning snack. Using frozen fruit makes them extra smooth and creamy.
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Segment 3
Lightened-Up Hummus
Lightened-Up Hummus
Authentic hummus recipes include lots of tahini and olive oil and, although those are healthy ingredients, they are still high in fat and dense in calories, but this one, lightened up with calcium-rich yogurt, has only 52 calories and 2 grams of fat.
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Segment 4
Carrot Salad Bites
Carrot Salad Bites
If you're looking for recipes that are healthy and flavorful, these carrot salad bites are a nice change from bagels and cream cheese. With the combination of chunky carrots, herbed cream cheese and rye makes this recipe versatile for an afternoon snack or an appetizer for your next baby shower.
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