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Burlesque Workout

A shimmy, a dip, a show girl bounce -- and you're on your way to boosting your confidence (and his heart rate)!

Here's what Head Mistress Rebecca Hadley has to say about her burlesque dance classes: "The result's not so much weight loss. It's more emotional. It's loss of inhibitions. It's loss of self-consciousness. It's loss of negative body image. That's what you're going to lose."

All you need is a chair and a feather boa to channel your inner sex kitten. Then, get into the groove with these moves:

  • The Candy Shelf
  • The Shy Shimmy Dip
  • The Honey Bunny Lap Dance

"When you're comfortable with your body, you become much more beautiful, no matter what your size, no matter what shape, no matter what your age," Hadley says.


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